Cloth Diapers



Okay so when little E was about 7 months old I had entered into a giveaway from one of my favorite Facebook pages TheBabyGuyNYC.  It was for a cloth diaper package consisting of 2 All-in-one cloth diapers from Bummies, diaper balm, a wet bag and liners.  When they arrived I was so excited to give them a try after looking up all the info about cloth diapering online I could find from sites like Fluff Love University.  My hubby of course was skeptical, he thought that it would be just a phase that I would not stick with but I was adamant that was not the case.

The first day i used them I was surprised at how simple they were and how it was just as easy to put one on as a disposable.  Of course I had to still use them because I had only the two cloth diapers, but that would soon change after I told my hubby how much it was going to save us in the long run not to mention the fact that I could resell them after little E was potty trained.  Not long after I ordered more to start my “stash”, I now cannot imagine going back to disposables and a plus would be little E not having diaper rash ever since we switched.  The thing everyone always asks is how I feel about washing them, honestly it is no different than washing clothes that have been wet through from a failed diaper or a blow out in a disposable (which i have not had since I started cloth).

Now I’m not saying I have gone full blown “crunchy mom” because honestly I always feel like I do not fit in with the mom clicks and my kids don’t eat as healthy as they should, but I do cloth diaper and tell everyone I meet how great it is.  I also have been baby-wearing with little E since he has been born too, more on that later….